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lawyers, brands, and trademarks, oh my!

SEP 15, 2007

Once upon a time, maggie delaney operated as la~te~da. Then, we talked with our lawyer and asked her to trademark la~te~da. And, she said, "no." In fact, she said, "no way." Turns out there are 40 different companies operating with the name la~te~da or some derivation of it and selling girls' clothing. Now, our same, great quality, design it yourself clothing is maggie delaney. We are the same company we always were, only we are much more uniquer, as Junie B. Jones might say.

We chose the name maggie delaney for our daughters, the girls who inspire us each day with their creativity, their ingenuity, and their keen sense of Carrie Bradshaw - inspired fashion.


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