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about us.

who we are

Welcome to our design studio! My name is Nicole, and I have a beautiful daughter named Corina who inspires me to design and create a space for you and your daughters to play.

I have wonderful memories of watching my mother at the sewing machine.  Most particular when she was sewing for me! See, when I was young she had a job at a fabric store which meant we had a lot of fabric in our house.  But it also meant that I had a fair share of custom clothing.  My favorite part was going to the store my mom worked at, choosing the pattern, and then getting to pick my own fabric.  It was like being a designer and I knew I had one of a kind clothing. 

Fast forward to my college years and I was randomly thrown into a sewing situation for the theater department.  Everything I had watched my mother do and what she had taught me started to take shape as I faked my way through designing costumes.  This passion for creating, coupled with the story telling of theater turned into a Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design and a twenty year career in designing, creating and story telling.

Now I have my own daughter, and while I do not sew for her as much as my mother did, we sure love to create together.  She has an imagination for days!

Enter maggie delaney, a place where we can offer you and your girls a way to design clothes you love and offer you an opportunity to tell your own story.  We hope you enjoy the creation; because we will enjoy creating each garment just for you, expertly crafted with love and care.  Wear it with joy and tell your story .  

Our Process

Each maggie delaney style is named for a butterfly - from the dependable monarch to the soaring sailor. A parent's greatest fear and joy is watching their child grow from a tiny baby to a beautiful young lady. At maggie delaney we want to give you the opportunity to create stories along the way with specially created clothing, designed by you. 
our values  

 All maggie delaney garments are sewn by me in my home in Boise Idaho. I use quality fabric, strong thread and professional sewing techniques.  I do this all while chatting with my daughter, sipping on a coffee or diet coke and probably listening to some great music.  Just the way a job should be. 

about us.

maggie delaney lets you be the designer. Mix and match the fabrics to design your own dress, skirt, or accessory. Your custom made, expertly crafted maggie delaney garment is made in the United States and is shipped free to you within two weeks. learn more

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