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host a maggie delaney party.

At a maggie delaney party, we come to your home with samples of our seven styles of skirts and dresses in a variety of sizes. maggie delaney gives you the invitations, and you invite your friends and family. We promise no one has to sit through a canned, formal presentation. maggie delaney works with each guest individually to help them choose their styles, select their fabrics, and pick their sizes. We are up for anything you can imagine - birthday parties, mother-daughter teas, or an evening out for your girlfriends. maggie delaney ships your party's order to you within three weeks of your party.

maggie delaney is offering parties in the Boise, ID area.  

Hostess credit

We offer the hostess of each show 10% of the show sales in credit for her own maggie delaney purchases. We also offer the hostess 50% off on a garment for each $500 in show sales.


about us.

maggie delaney lets you be the designer. Mix and match the fabrics to design your own dress, skirt, or accessory. Your custom made, expertly crafted maggie delaney garment is made in the United States and is shipped free to you within two weeks. learn more

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Have a virtual playdate with us on the Fishbowl, the maggie delaney blog. visit our blog